Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss H and Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty!!

hee hee hee

So I found the Hello Kitty sewing machine at Target for.......$49.88 !! YES! SCORE!!!

My daughter H said she'd take that instead of a b-day party (of which we had to put off from December cuz she broke her arm..) Whatta girl!!! I learned to sew when I was 10,, now she is too!

She has made (in 1 day) a pillow cover, American Doll pillow cover, and a purse for her AG doll!!!

Today she made herself a over-the-shoulder purse!! Mind you no patterns just mom (me! lol) cutting out squares and rectangles for her to sew!

I tell you she is the QUEEN of straight lines sewing! A natural!!

I SWEAR I will get back to posting my stampin stuff! really!!! SOON!!!!!


~amy~ said...

Good for your DD!!!! This has certainly motivated me to take my new Janome out of her box :)

Anonymous said...

So nice to see Miss H again. She was probably 5 last time I saw her. Good for her. Sewing rocks!!

~Kim C.

rozie640 said...

Yahoo for your daughter. I also taught myself how to sew at the age of 10. My granny was the seamstress in the family so when she'd come over for her monthly visit, she'd give me a lesson. I think I the first thing I sewed was a very plain Indian dress for a skit I was in in the 5th grade. I think it took no time to move up to zippers & collars! It's a lovely mother/daughter hobby! Wow, has the price of Pattern's gone up since I was a kid. See ya real soon at SoCal Mania! R

Kim said...

She rocks, really she does!!
I wish I could find that stinkin sewing machine!!!

patricia said...

A chip off the ol' block!! you rock Halo!

Monty's Mum said...

Fantastic achievement! Keep practicing and it will give you a life time of enjoyment!

Crystal said...

I've been not so patiently waiting to see some of your stamping stuff! I can't wait to get your swaps back from Jami! I NEVER learned to sew, but have always wanted to...your dd knows more than I do!

Tizzalicious said...

Aaah, Hello Kitty sewing machine! :D She must have been happy with it!

Sounds like she's a natural indeed!