Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss H and Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty!!

hee hee hee

So I found the Hello Kitty sewing machine at Target for.......$49.88 !! YES! SCORE!!!

My daughter H said she'd take that instead of a b-day party (of which we had to put off from December cuz she broke her arm..) Whatta girl!!! I learned to sew when I was 10,, now she is too!

She has made (in 1 day) a pillow cover, American Doll pillow cover, and a purse for her AG doll!!!

Today she made herself a over-the-shoulder purse!! Mind you no patterns just mom (me! lol) cutting out squares and rectangles for her to sew!

I tell you she is the QUEEN of straight lines sewing! A natural!!

I SWEAR I will get back to posting my stampin stuff! really!!! SOON!!!!!