Sunday, August 7, 2011

more people!!

Ummm...SU! had a Hi'billy hour..I mean minute! Brandi obliged! snort
PAMMY!!!!!!!!!! Move back to Cali would'ja??? <3
Celebrating on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandi and Crissy! Charissa Syvinski (hope I spelled that right). A real sweetie!

convention people..

me 'n' Amy.. bestie!!! Amy is a hoot to hang with, hilarious sense of humor, and we all laughed so much together!! True blue!!!
Brandi the Magnificent! Workin' her presentation!! She had so many fans I could only get a pic from the mirror...and I'm her bestie!!!! rofl
Brandi with her presentation board! She is amazing, talented, truly a good friend, and yes...MAGNIFICENT!!!<3
shes havin' fun, I just know it!!!!
3 fun faces!! LisaCat(Lisa Dallas) Dixie Finn, Amy Bell. Love you all!!!

Lloverly Llorenzo le Llama....

Amy and Llorenzo..had something goin' on!!

a little sumthin SUMTHIN goin' on! lol He's a fresh little Llama, THATS fer sher!! heehee
Llorenzo LIVES for Convention....Sometimes its all about balance...

Starbucks..EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING...LOL He was ALL hopped up on the caff!!!! I was lucky to even get a sip..

more convention pics...

...since now ALL Brandis followers are coming HERE!!! Mwah-hahahaha

Amys' adorable twisted rosettes she made for us to wear in our hair, which we all did! LOVE!

i made flip-flops for us, using SU!s fabrics, and the BigShot and a Flower Fun die!!! SQUEEEEE!
I made these for the girls (and me too! lol) Amys is yellow. I found the word signs on Etsy, then decorated with Tickets and Tags Simply Scrappin kit.
I managed to get a new hairdo and color before I left....thanks Patricia Robitaille!

So, I now have figured out that if I do blogger in Google Chrome, I have no uploading issues!!! yay!!!

Make sure you come back for more, now that Im on a roll!!!! heehee

its august...

sheesh..time flies!
OK so my friend Brandi Wiggins from ChibougeMWAH Canada.. :) posted some awesome StampinUP! pics from Convention on her blog..and totally implied that should I post MY pics on MY blog, all her readers would FLOCK here to see mine!!! lol OK, so here goes..(I tried last nite to post 5 pics, and it took over an HOUR to load, so I gave up...)maybe Ill do one at a time? geesh...
and BTW..Brandi has SOOO many more pics than I do...
This is my FAVE convention pic of Amy Bell, Brandi and I. She has a cuter one on her blog.
aaaannnnd the pic is up there, and not down SEE why I am a terrible blogger? heehee