Sunday, August 7, 2011

more convention pics...

...since now ALL Brandis followers are coming HERE!!! Mwah-hahahaha

Amys' adorable twisted rosettes she made for us to wear in our hair, which we all did! LOVE!

i made flip-flops for us, using SU!s fabrics, and the BigShot and a Flower Fun die!!! SQUEEEEE!
I made these for the girls (and me too! lol) Amys is yellow. I found the word signs on Etsy, then decorated with Tickets and Tags Simply Scrappin kit.
I managed to get a new hairdo and color before I left....thanks Patricia Robitaille!

So, I now have figured out that if I do blogger in Google Chrome, I have no uploading issues!!! yay!!!

Make sure you come back for more, now that Im on a roll!!!! heehee


Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

I absolutely love my gifties! I had to hang my flip flops up on the wall because they hurt my chubby feet. LOL!

Note: OMG! The word verification is "snogg". LMAO!

Lisa said...

Love the pics, Tandra!

Word verification: vileduo *snort* Sooooo many possible comments to make on that one.....

Amy said...

My girls are still fighting over my flip flops. lol