Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a whole year....

...of missing my brother. i dont think i have fully connected with it.
heres the thing- i didnt talk to my brother a whole lot. i mean we didnt talk daily or weekly. id see him on facebook and chat a quick hi, whatcha doin, and that was about it.
i always had a hard time talking with him, like i didnt have anything smart enough or interesting to share. i dont know why. i didnt talk sports, didnt want to talk about his job (correctional officer), didnt talk Harleys. not his fault at all. sucks cuz now i really cant talk to him.even to just say hi.
tomorrow the 15th is the 1 year mark. my 2 brothers, mom and sis-in-law are meeting for lunch,which really seems weird. there is always the white elephant in the room, that being allen. i think about him, and what he did to himself, every day, and wonder why........
mymom and brothers dont seem to want to talk about it, but i want to. my mom is just kinda put it under a rug. i guess i am mainly writing to myself here.
im still just so sad .erg.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

weather...or not

..another month has blown HAS been a little windy here...! lol

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 posts in one day...

so i got the text color changed in my header..yay!
but now how do i move the words down inside the framed area? oy...

could it be???????

is anyone out there?? Hello? HeLlo?? hee hee

i am still
i have a 7 year old laptop i dont seem to be able to load pics i dont get to update my blog. pooh!
but at least i can get online!

i feel my creative mojo creeping back into my life.
i'm being lazy not using caps.

hopefully i will be getting a new computer soon, i really want to start up happy blogging again.

its been so long i CANNOT figure how to change the text
in my newest (done today)shabby header. hee hee
i cant find the button to change text! lol

anyways...i hope to be here more..even if its just me reading it!!

daughters school is out for summer today!! YES! long awaited! by her anyway!

be back soon!