Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy December...

Do you like my new blog banner? Do ya?
I made it myself..little miss not-computer-smart!! haha!

I used Stampin' UPs new My Digital Studio!
Thousands of images, papers, doodads (OH! I forgot to put some doo-dads in there..hmmm) that you can manipulate all over your page!

I used the 5x7 horizontal greeting card format to design the header..I just found out-by trial and error-that that format makes the header much smaller-instead of HALF the page! hee hee (since I dont have photo Shop, or the skillz to resize my stuff..)

The colors are EERILY similar to my daughters halloween costume in a previous post...LOL!

Well this holiday will be bittersweet-my brother will be absent.
There is still a very deep dark hole in my heart... I dont s'pose it will be filled anytime soon...

OK I didnt mean to be a downer....;)

Get happy- go do your Christmas shopping!
(Woodja do mine too?? lol)


Monday, November 2, 2009

..and 1 more thing...

Seeing how it is Nov 2nd....of COURSE it is almost 80 degrees out! lol

Halloween 2...

Here is Halo in the fairy costume that Gramma made! Gramma has made almost every Halloween costume for her, PLUS costumes just to play in!

Since halo was 2!! Love it! This was made by request from my daughter..I didnt think she was still into fairy-frou-frou...but whats not to love!!

We bought the wings and Halo and i glittered them up! She ended up not wearing them trick-or-treating..they kept flopping backwards and they felt heavy she said.


We had a soccer game on Halloween. We lost, but still are in 2nd place for our division! Playoffs start in 2 weeks..I LOVE watching soccer!!

We had snack duty, so I put the "healthy" treats for after the game in brown sacks, and embellished with stamps, paper, and vintage crepe paper streamers! I love that old stuff!!