Monday, March 23, 2009

That 70s Show.....

So the Girl Scout Father/Daughter Disco dance was on Saturday nite (fever)lol, and here is my sweet duo in their thrifted costumes-sunglasses and all!! I blow dried and foofed up the husbands hair--niiiiice!! lol eww!

I neglected to make him wear some gold chains...a'la 70s used car salesman.

Couldnt find the plaid pants either-but arent those red-orange jeans just HOT!!!!
Looky that blow-dried poofy do he sports!! Thank goodness its back to normal now!
Aaaaand he grew all the facial hair JUST FOR the dance! Isnt he nice! lol
Thank GOODNESS its gone now! achk!
I lived thru the 70s in my teen years-doesnt mean I wanna see it all over again!


Angie Tieman said...

What a hoot! Too bad it wasn't for moms too, so we could see you all decked out!

Kim said...

Seriously cute...!!

Amy said...

Those are such great pictures! What a wonderful memory for your daughter!

Cindy Major said...

That's hilarious! I don't know if you scrapbook, but there's some serious potential for a cool page there! The 70's were bright, weren't they? I love the hair and mustache! hahaha!


get instant cash said...

Have you taken a video of the disco dance? I am eager to see it. Post it please? LOL!!!