Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Little Sumthin' New!

Well HELLO again! MIA.... lol

Here are 4 snowflakes I made, using the BigShot machine and the large snowflake die.

Mind you I had to use the scanner to get a pic...hoping for that new camera for Christmas! lol

I cut the top and bottom off of an Arizona tea can, the tall ones. (after my DH drank it of course! ;)) I was able to finagle 3 Snowflakes from one can!!

I ran 1 piece of the tin , with a piece of cardstock on top the tine, thru the BigShot, and the Snowflake popped right out from the backing.

Click on pic for close-up...TOTALLY ginormous!! lol
Thanks for coming back to look!!


Paula Talbert said...

Wow, that's beautiful. I have cut Lollipop and Fun Serif letters from soda cans. I turn the can over and cut them from the silver inside of the can. Those are really beautiful.

Kim said...

I <3 my Diet Coke Snowflake..I am totally amazed how intricate, delicate and lovely they turned out!!


Ohhh, very cool Tandra! You are just too darn smart and creative!
You need to be posting more of your creativity and not take so long inbetween. I want to see MORE ~ MORE ~ MORE of your GREAT STUFF!!! Can never get enough of it!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Those are really pretty, Tandra! Even though I teased you about California snowflakes. :-) Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

Wow! These are really neat! Love all the colors from the can.

Jill St. Angelo said...

Very cute! I love them and the Big Shot! Hugs

Rebecca said...

These are beautiful! I hadn't thought about using an Arizona can! I've made a bunch with diet coke and a fresca can which has a great totally turqoise/gable green color scheme!

Anonymous said...

A new post -- thanks! Cute snowflakes! Are you using them for ornaments or cards?
Mary Beth

Hope said...

Wow! I wouldn't have thought to do this. VEry nice. TFS

Julia said...

Love love love it!!! My hubby drinks those energy drinks all the time and now I will have a great use for them besides the recycling bin!!!! TFS!!!

patricia said...

LOVE mine!!
you da bess =)
Is that you in the photo?? you looked so refreshed! must be the cookies!
your oatmeal cookies have kept me 'regular' for the past 2 days, thanks!!

Lisa Brown said...

These are awesome!