Sunday, July 6, 2008

3 weeks....................

Since my last post!! I must be on Summer vay-cay!! LOL
OK Ive been tagged my my UDI sister Elizabeth! Thanks girl!
So, That means I need to think of 7 random facts. LOL
How random can I get? Is random meaningless? or is there a meaning to random things? Does that make any random sense??? *snort* ;)

1. I LOVE the smell of the dishwasher steam........
2. I LOVE the smell of clothes wet and freshly washed with bleach!
3. I LOVE Dite PEPSI topped of with an inch of reg. Rootbeer! Makes the whole diet Pepsi taste like rootbeer! Try it!
4. I do NOT like toe-separators at a pedicure.
5. I am 'stoopid' for vintage rhinestone buttons!! Love them, cant get enough!
6. I think I am getting an ingrown toe-nail (niiiice...)
7. Milk chocolate -Dove or Hersheys Kisses!

I am tagging- 1. KIM D 2.Patricia and 3. Kim C


Anonymous said...

So glad that I am NOT a blogger so I don't have to publish such random yet embarrassing stuff! Thanks for sharing!
Mary Beth

patricia said...

Okie Dokie then...
I hate it when my bangs are too short, like right now.
I don't like to wear dresses, but I like cute skirts.(that counts as 2, right?)
I Love 'Random Anklets'!
I get cranky when I can't make beads. =/
My neighbor put up a 30' flag pole for the 4th... Proud to be an American!
Hagen Daz ice cream is the best!
chocolate, strawberry and choclate chip... yummY!