Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have been tagged by Barbara Welch-
I am such a SLACKER when it comes to responding to tagging!! I always THINK Im gonna participate...;) I was also tagged with the Exellent Blogger Award, but surely dont know how to put that sign up here!! hee hee
1. Stamping Style: Freshly Distressed!!!
2. Inspiration: Patty Bennett!!!
3. Color: Soft Sky (really???), Groovy Guava, Pumpkin, any Aqua color
4. Work Space: is a HORRIFIC disaster!!! Ask my husband..(no, dont!!)
5. Perfect Day: Sunny Calif of course, 77*, clear sky, no chores to do!
6. Wildest Dream:Win the Lottery! (Im with ya on that one Barb!!)
7. Ink: Stampin' Up! (there is no comparison) (copying Barb again!)
8. Family: Married to Gary (almost 27 years), two children
9. Beverage: Starbuck's Venti iced Caramel Macchiatto!!!!
10. Biggest Challenge: (see #4!!) Organization!!!!!

Ok so I will tag Kim-
and Jackie-


patricia said...

Married to Gary for 27 years?!!
You Go Gary! You da man!!
Tandra, I miss you =)

Kim said...

I don't even know what that means!
DO I just copy and paste?

Tara said...

Hey Tandra!! Thanks for stopping by and taking the survey. We are working on getting the bigger size tees, keep in touch! ~xo

jackiestamps4fun said...

Thanks for the tag, Tandra! I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Hugs, Jackie

Patty Bennett said...

So glad I inspire you.. you are too sweet! :) I cannot even believe you've been married 27 years.. you LOOK 27 years old!!!! We need to know your secret!! :) hugs, Patty

Emma's Paper Patch said...

beautiful blog! i can't believe you have been married of 27 don't look over 30! thank you for visiting my tiny blog and for you comments....makes me feel very welcome here in blogland!