Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss H and Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty!!

hee hee hee

So I found the Hello Kitty sewing machine at Target for.......$49.88 !! YES! SCORE!!!

My daughter H said she'd take that instead of a b-day party (of which we had to put off from December cuz she broke her arm..) Whatta girl!!! I learned to sew when I was 10,, now she is too!

She has made (in 1 day) a pillow cover, American Doll pillow cover, and a purse for her AG doll!!!

Today she made herself a over-the-shoulder purse!! Mind you no patterns just mom (me! lol) cutting out squares and rectangles for her to sew!

I tell you she is the QUEEN of straight lines sewing! A natural!!

I SWEAR I will get back to posting my stampin stuff! really!!! SOON!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Blogger--

My friend and neighbor Kim is blogging now!
She is reading and doing the Journal Revolution ... I need to read that book. And maybe DO some of it!
Im proud of her for starting her blog!!! Check it out!


Friday, January 18, 2008

RE-Painted Living Room...

And its NOT Soft Sky!! LOL We decided it was toooo much blue!! So we did it in Behr "Cup of Cocoa". Im so used to light walls with texture!

And now I have to beg/cajole/pay/whine to get my husband to paint the back dining room Soft Sky! (Its brown too..)I have 2 gallons of the stuff!! And my kitchen will be a warmer ochre-y yellow. Accent colors black, brown, vintage white (and tiny bits of red and soft sky-ish! lol).

The living room looks real bare now, but I have a million different black wood frames to hang on that BIG bare wall! A'la Pottery Barn! I still cant put my Mercury glass trees and vintage ornaments away- I just love them!! I know-I know- they'll be gone soon....

So here are some shots- Oh and my FAB husband painted my mantel black, and the tall black shutter-shelf-hooks thing black and they look great!

Click to enlarge them!

Candy Hearts shaker!

I found these salt/peppa shakers at Big Lots-$1 each.

I used SU's new Eastern Elegance Rub-ons to decorate it with, then used the NEW Red Chunky Glitter around th eflower . Its ok, not liking the chunky on this project!

Then I went over it with the Rose Pink fine Cosmo Glitter (all 5 colors are gorgeous!) and dotted the centers of flowers all th eway around. That glitter is so sparkly!

Im still not so sure I like it on THIS project! So I didnt make a tag or embellish it more with ribbons either. I need to rethink it! But I like my idea of candy in th eshaker!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK! Camera is working again!
Now I just need to get my projects done so I can upload them SOON!!!

PLEEEEZ come back soon!! LOL I swear there will be CUTE new stuff!
I just got a boatload of new Stampin' goodies to play with!!
OMGosh NEW Chunky Glitters!! In Red, Black, Clear and UBER-cool Silver! So vintage looking!!!

OK! I need to go cut some stamps-
OH WAIT! The new SAB stamps are PRE-CUT for me!! So that wont take long!!
OH MY and the NEW Rub-ons!! Swirly, curly, doodly, fresh, whimsical, playful!! These rock!
Ive already used them on salt shakers and filled with candy! OOOPS! Where is THAT pic??!!!

Ill be back!!!