Wednesday, October 24, 2007


First 2 pics are looking from the middle of my street looking south over Ladera Ranch.

This is the terrible view from my backyard. This is looking south.

This is the fire that is in Camp Pendleton right now. 15 miles away?

Not pretty.

Ash is raining onto everything. Nothing compared to the people who are all in the middle of all the fires everywhere-my heart goes out to them.


Shannan said...

Thinking about you guys & praying for everyone affected by this.

~britta said...

oh please stay safe Tandra!!!

TiteC said...

hope the firemen can get rid of these soon

my thoughts all go to you and all the people touched by the fires

Hugs from France


Kim said...

School is closed tomorrow. Now I am officially SKEERED!!!

Kristina Lewis said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you! ((hugs))

Sencie said...

These fires have been horrible. My niece and her husband lost their home to it 2 days ago. They lived in the mountain area of Running Springs. It's so sad!!

TiteC said...

Hi Tandra !

A few words to tell you I sent my DH to the post office today, and your parcel is now off to the US

hope it can reach you soon !

Hugs from France (I'm now off for holidays !!)

Joan B said...

My SIL and family live in Fallbrook. You must be nearby. Hope all is well. Stay safe and try to get as far away as possible from that air!

patricia said...

this is all so sad.

Tex said...

Tandra .... the pictures really help those of us so far away. It helps us to remember that this just keeps on going, day after day for our California friends. (((hugs))))

Stampin' Meg said...

Horrible wasn't it? My son is still having asthma problems from all the smoke.