Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer 2008 color report!!

OK so here is the color report for Summer 2008.
Who wants to guess what the new IN COLORS for Stampin' UP! will be in the 2008 catalog?? Angie said they have already chosen them, lets make our guesses! (its only a year away...)


Anonymous said...

I'm going with the turquise color, because it's one of my very favorites and seems to go with just about anything =)


Tandra said...

Patricia- you didnt sign in, so you are anonymous silly!!

Kim said...

EW. Can we say none of the above?
The only one I like is the Red delicious apple color!

Tandra said...

HI KIM~!!!!!

Deb said...

I love the rich blues and rose-blush colors.
Love your blog!!!

Tex said...

after that ... it gets near impossible! I hope they still keep hovering close by our Caribbean though. *wink*

(who now has her shaped-up & sassy cut!)