Friday, August 10, 2007

EclecticPaperie has it!!!

The new Clip It Up organizer!!! I just ordered one!! (Dont tell Gary!!)
Oh gosh I had seen these pics from the CHA, and this intrigued me!! I cant wait to get one! Im thinking of hanging my cards off the bottom portion, and my ATC swaps off the top section! Kinda like a sideways rolodex!!! Go look!!! Tell 'em Tandra sent ya'!!


Kim said...

ok, its official> I think you have more crap then me!!!
I was just looking at EP's chipboard houses. I think I need several. Why? because its more crap and we love crap!!!

Tandra said...

HA!! True!! Well, you dont tell Gary, and I wont tell Matt!!!

Emilia said...

Wow!! This is super! I love it!

Angie Tieman said...

Argh! So jealous here!! I'm dying for one of those, but will probably have to wait for my Christmas wish list to get it. Be sure and post a picture when you get it all set up!

Patricia said...

You are the Hyper-link (?) Queen!
I love it!!
And I'm glad you have lots of interesting crap!!

Tex said...

You did NOT!!!
Say you didn't!
I am moving in ... expect me soon!
I saw these at a scrap convention 2 months ago, and nearly caved. Arrrrrgh!!! Color me Celery Green please!