Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just a little yum-yum!! White Trash Truffles

This is from Melanie Welchs blog- Thanks girl for letting me share it here!! Melanie Welch

".....And let me just are going to LOVE these! If you don't like cream cheese, don't pre-judge because of that! I hate cream cheese too, but these are to die for and you can't taste the cream cheese AT ALL!! Now if you hate chocolate....first of condolences!! And second, you won't like these, they are the most chocolatey goodness you will ever put in your mouth!!"
White Trash Truffles

1 pack of Oreos
1 - 8 oz block Cream Cheese (room temp)
2 bags Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips

--Crush Oreos in a ziploc bag until they are a fairly fine consistency. Mix Oreos with Cream Cheese.
Shape into 1 inch balls. Melt chocolate chips.
Dip balls into melted chocolate to completely coat.
Set on waxed paper lined cookie sheet.
Put in fridge to set chocolate. OH MY!!"

I had these months ago at a party- So glad I found the recipe on Melanies blog!!


Lorie said...

Oh, my! Those sound super de doopery yummy! I will have to make those as a special treat for my family! Thanks for sharing! :0)

hulakim said...

SO when are you making those!!? Do you think they go well with margaritas;)!!!???!!

Anne Marie Gross said...
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Anne Marie Gross said...

I first posted that I had this as a dip before, but I misread the instructions. I only looked at the ingredients. Wow, I'm gonna have to try this! TFS!

Tandra said...

Kim Yer killin me!!

texasjodylynn said...

Thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try them!

Jenn said...

Oh, I *love* these. . . . . I've never heard 'em called that, but hey, that is perfect for some members of our family, so I'm going to take the name and run with it! LOl!

Sencie said...

Oh man!!! Those sound so good!!! :) I can't imagine how many points they are (doing weight watchers)!! I may have to make those on a day I save up some extra points. :)

Tex said...

Sooooo, do you have a solution for taking care of the part of these that 'lingers behind' long after the goodness is gone? I need to know ... since I've GOT to try these! *grin*

Tandra said...

I dunno Tex!!! My behind is STILL lingerin'!! Bah-haha!

~* Tracy *~ said...

I soooooooooooooooo have to try these! Just as well we can get Oreo cookies down here in Australia! :)